What’s Your Career Fit for 2015?

January 25, 2015  |   Leadership,Values   |     |   0 Comment

What do you have in store for your career in 2015?  Anything new on your horizon or is it simply the status quo?  If you are planning to seek new opportunities do you have a plan in place to help you find the change you want?

Are you clear on what it is you want?  I find many seeking career change lack clarity when it comes to making career decisions.  Many of us struggle with believing we have the right to ask for, or go after, what we really want.  Asking of course does not mean we will always get what it is we want, but one thing I know for sure is that if you don’t ask… you definitely don’t get it.  I find it very exciting watching clients gain the courage to ask for what they want, and to witness their utter amazement when their supervisor or boss says ‘yes’.  This of course creates more belief in the positive power of putting out what it is you want. The more you do this, the more you realize that what has been holding you back is your own fear of rejection or limiting beliefs that others won’t value you enough to honour what it is you are asking for.  When we recognize that we create these limiting beliefs we can get out of our own way. With this comes greater opportunity and endless possibility.

Often those I work with tell me they are frustrated with their current employment situation.  It may be due to the type of work they are doing, their placement within the organization’s hierarchy, the organization in general, their current boss’s leadership or lack thereof, and so forth.  When we start to explore what is working for them and what is not, they sometimes are surprised with all that is going well and this new awareness often shifts them to a new perspective, one of appreciation versus frustration.  Others may conclude it is time to look elsewhere because they realize that either the work they are doing or the organization they are working for is not the right fit for them anymore.

As we start to explore what it is that is important to them in their career moving forward, they are often surprised to realize they don’t really know what it is they want.  Some exploratory questions to begin with might include:

1. If you were to find the perfect job what would that look like?

2. What are the key components of work and the work environment that are necessary to meet your needs?

3. What does strong leadership involve?

Through such exploration, clients often realize they are not going to find the right fit until they gain some clarity on what ‘fit’ means for them personally.

If you are seeking career change this year, what is the motivator for doing so and what are your strategies for finding your right fit?