Ownership Equals Success

March 01, 2015  |   Leadership,Values   |     |   0 Comment

The past few weeks I have been reflecting on the work of Steve Chandler and David Schwartz. Both write about the power of taking full ownership of your life and the positive impact this can have in creating the successes you want. Now this is not new thinking, but it has really resonated with me personally. Lately I have been surrounded with a great deal of energy that sings more of ‘we can’t’ versus ‘we can’. It is difficult at times to not allow oneself to be absorbed by the negative, and when this is where I find myself choosing to stand, I notice that the work I am doing feels hard as opposed to flowing and meaningful. Notice I used the term choosing – yes – we all choose how we think, act and react to situations whether that be in our professional or personal relationships.

The work of Chandler and Schwartz has been a timely reminder that mindset is simply choice. Again, this is not new information, but it is important to recognize and pay attention to when one is sinking in the negative as opposed to swimming in the positive. We cannot change what are not aware of. If you are feeling negative and reacting to all that is going on around you, start writing this down when you notice your reactions. When we are truthful with ourselves, it becomes crystal clear that we are choosing to feel and respond either positively or negatively.   Words don’t have emotion until we give them such. Chandler mentions this in his literature. I love this!

As human beings we are incredibly creative in our ability to weave the most masterful stories out of what others say and do. For instance, if I apply for a job and I am not successful in winning the position, I can go into a negative mental space convincing myself that I am simply not good enough, or the powers to be simply wanted to give the position to another candidate who is their friend and therefore the whole competition was just a scam, or I might tell myself that I did not really want the job anyway. Have you ever said any of these things to yourself, or heard others say them? What do you think is behind such thoughts or beliefs?

I have applied for many jobs in my corporate career and in my former career as a professional sports coach, and I can tell you I was not the number one candidate more than once, and I can honestly say I did not know for sure why I wasn’t the top candidate until I sought feedback. Without asking those who made the decision, all I truly knew was that I was not the number one candidate. Anything else I told myself was simply the story I made up. The stories we make up and the feelings that go with our stories are whatever we choose them to be, and you can bet it is not likely that we create positive stories.

No matter what the situation, the truth is:

  1. You have no facts until you ask.
  2. Until you explore the situation you are simply creating thoughts and attaching emotions to those thoughts.
  3. Until you know the facts, you cannot create change which in turn leads to growth.

I fully believe we are the creators of our own successes and failures. But more importantly, the depth of each success is directly connected to the degree to which you believe in your ability to succeed.

Take a few minutes to write out the biggest accomplishments in your life. Now write down goals that you fell short of achieving.

  • What was your mindset when you were fully successful?
  • What was you mindset when you were not fully successful?