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Leading Successfully = Growing Your People to Be All That They Can Be

April 10, 2019  |   Coaching,Leadership,People Skills   |     |   0 Comment

Not too long ago I had lunch with a young manager who has loads of potential; she’s smart, brings great positive energy to all she does, is hardworking and eager to learn, takes feedback with a mindset to improve as opposed to having hurt feelings and is collaborative and supportive with her colleagues. What more can you ask for? In my view, she is the employee most organizations would want to mentor, coach, train and ...

Ownership Equals Success

March 01, 2015  |   Leadership,Values   |     |   0 Comment

The past few weeks I have been reflecting on the work of Steve Chandler and David Schwartz. Both write about the power of taking full ownership of your life and the positive impact this can have in creating the successes you want. Now this is not new thinking, but it has really resonated with me personally. Lately I have been surrounded with a great deal of energy that sings more of ‘we can’t’ ...

What’s Your Career Fit for 2015?

January 25, 2015  |   Leadership,Values   |     |   0 Comment

What do you have in store for your career in 2015?  Anything new on your horizon or is it simply the status quo?  If you are planning to seek new opportunities do you have a plan in place to help you find the change you want? Are you clear on what it is you want?  I find many seeking career change lack clarity when it comes to making career decisions.  Many of us struggle with believing ...

Aligning Your Walk With Your Talk

August 30, 2014  |   Leadership   |     |   0 Comment

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.” Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free This especially resonated with me today as I reflected on recent experiences working with an organization’s change initiative.  What I witnessed was the inability of people in the organization to let go of a past change initiative that had not gone well because people continue to feel the change had ...

Work-Life Imbalance means….?

May 17, 2014  |   Inner Critic,Leadership,Values   |     |   0 Comment

If you have worked in an organization, then you have heard about, read about and talked about work-life balance and what that means.  I have heard, read and been involved in many passionate debates on this topic and one thing I have noticed is that people can be very positional on this matter.  

What Inspires You to Be Your Best As A Leader?

May 01, 2014  |   Leadership   |     |   0 Comment

When I reflect on the leaders I have worked with in my various careers, I go immediately to my best and worst experiences.  I have had many bosses over the years and some I have come to admire greatly while others…well, let’s just say I learned how I don’t want to lead.  However, I can honestly say that all of my experiences have provided good learning in my ongoing ...

Saying Yes When You Want to Say NO!

April 25, 2014  |   Inner Critic,Leadership   |     |   4 Comments

People often tell me they sabotage their successes at work because they cannot say no.  The inability to say no creates a negative internal energy when you are working against yourself.  This is true in life -whether it be at work or at home.    This negative energy - resentment - is usually directed toward the other person because ...

Creating Positive Results and Relationships at Work!

April 17, 2014  |   Leadership   |     |   12 Comments

OPERATING ON ASSUMPTIONS Making decisions and taking action based on assumptions is extremely common and is a mistake made by many leaders.  Assumptions are based on what we think and know through our own narrow experiences.  When I recognized how often I made decisions, came to conclusions and took actions based on my assumptions, I realized how problematic ...