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Finding Good Enough

June 01, 2014  |   Inner Critic   |     |   0 Comment

I have been absent the past couple of weeks due to being busy. Actually, in saying that I have been too busy I am letting myself off the hook. The truth is I have not posted a blog since May 17 because I have prioritized other areas of focus. When I began blogging my commitment to myself was to post weekly and I have now missed that self-imposed target. I have a ...

Work-Life Imbalance means….?

May 17, 2014  |   Inner Critic,Leadership,Values   |     |   0 Comment

If you have worked in an organization, then you have heard about, read about and talked about work-life balance and what that means.  I have heard, read and been involved in many passionate debates on this topic and one thing I have noticed is that people can be very positional on this matter.  

Who’s Managing Your Decisions – You or Your Inner Critic?

May 09, 2014  |   Inner Critic   |     |   4 Comments

I remember when I was 26 and I wanted to go back to school, my inner critic was raging with all the reasons I must be crazy even to consider such a thing.  This is what ran through my mind those many years ago…..”For heaven’s sake, don’t be an idiot, you’re not smart enough to go to college or university and ...

Saying Yes When You Want to Say NO!

April 25, 2014  |   Inner Critic,Leadership   |     |   4 Comments

People often tell me they sabotage their successes at work because they cannot say no.  The inability to say no creates a negative internal energy when you are working against yourself.  This is true in life -whether it be at work or at home.    This negative energy - resentment - is usually directed toward the other person because ...