Client Experiences

Before I met Heather, I did not realize I was truly capable and intelligent enough to be where I was professionally, but it was Heather – who is very astute – who pointed out to me that I am where I am because I have earned it, and this is true.  Through coaching, I am able to strive to be the best me in my work environment (and this spills over into my personal life which is a good thing!) and I have identified my values as that, mine and I recognize today that if someone does not share my values, this does not make them wrong, nor me right, it just is.

I would recommend Heather as a wonderful, caring, empathetic, relatable, and excellent communicator (key!) and also, Heather is a competitive coach: she wants you to succeed for YOU….and that’s golden.

I have Heather on retainer and I feel that alone is a reminder of what I have learned and the tools that we developed through coaching (which I use every day), but I also see her role in my ongoing professional development as the safety net I need to remain aware and to continuously improve myself to meet the professional outcomes I lay out and strive for.

Shana Hall, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria, British Columbia


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The organization that I am employed by provided me with the greatest gift when they contracted with Heather Beaton to work with our organization and individually with several of our staff. Heather was a constant source of inspiration, support, encouragement, insight and motivation, all wrapped in with a sense of humor too. With Heather’s gentle yet clear and firm coaching style, I now have increased clarity in my values and purpose with new strategies to translate my vision into reality. She has helped me navigate the difficult moments and acknowledged all of my accomplishments. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself. I would recommend to anyone looking for a coach to consider Heather for this role. It is a life changing experience.

Sue McKinnon, Senior Management, Director of Agencies for School Health (DASH)


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Barbara Kingsolver wrote, “The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.”

Heather, your coaching has provided me the opportunity to identify what I hope for and aspire to in my day-to-day life.  You have shown me various tools I can employ and methods I can practice to achieve those aspirations and “live right in” that hope.  Thank you for your unwavering encouragement.

S Bird


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I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Heather both with team coaching and one to one coaching.  The experience has been truly life altering.  Heather has a very unique way of empowering, inspiring and helping me realize the potential of my goals and dreams.  Heather is very soulful, patient and real.  Life will never be the same again…I am better off because of my time with Heather!

Tazeem Weljie, Senior Manager, DASH BC (Directorate of Agencies for School Health)


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Heather’s coaching style is practical, sincere, and adaptive to the situation.  In a respectful way, Heather quickly focuses on the heart of the matter or issue and then guides, in a collaborative way, how to move forward.  If you’re keen to build on your strengths and see perceived challenges from new perspectives, Heather is a coach to take you there.

Christina Zachary, Executive Director


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Our coaching began by exploring and identifying values which held individual meaning for each of us.  We were then supported to be curious about how those values aligned with our collective values as a team.  Through guided conversations, the DASH team has been able to name, embed and live a staff culture where respect, trust, and creativity have become part of our everyday work.  We now use our staff values as a tool to hire the right candidates and continue to reflect on and maintain the rich culture we achieved through our coaching.

Kathy Cassels, Executive Director, DASH BC (Directorate of Agencies for School Health)


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I had the privilege of experiencing Heather’s coaching for several months.  She is a fantastic life coach: empathetic, insightful and incisive, both gentle and firm.  While every session gave me new insights, the journey as a whole radically shifted my self-awareness and gave me practical tools with which to address old and emergent challenges.  I recommend Heather without reservation.

Lakshmi G., Digital Marketing Executive


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Not knowing what to expect, as this was my first coaching experience, I was pleasantly surprised by Heather’s professionalism, her approachable manner and her keen sense of humour, all of which made me feel very comfortable and willing to work with her through these sessions.

She guided me through the sessions, providing me with a set of professional tools that I will be able to use when needed.   Heather was also very open to changing direction, as she reminded me often that this was my coaching session.  If we got off track, she was quick to steer us back to the task at hand and she did this without me really realizing it.

Heather is a true professional with integrity and I would highly recommend her services.

Gayle Eden